Festivals & Events on Inis Mor Island

Inis Mor on The Aran Islands has established itself as a bit of a boutique festival destination especially with the growing popularity of the Father Ted festival which amounts to a lot of fun and laughter. The Aran Islands bars are electric with fanfare, fun and laughter over this weekend. There are also a growing amount of groups coming to the islands attracted by the warm sea air of summer, beaches and just general place to have fun. The Aran Islands is great to get away from it all!!. For a Timetable of Mass times click here>.

Below is a complete list of events on the Island of Inis Mor for 2017
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Nightly Traditional Irish Music

The nightlife on Inis Mór is a highlight of any trip to Ireland. With three pubs (The Bar, Tigh Joe Mac, Tigh Joe Watty) and the Aran Islands Hotel all hosting Traditional Irish and other music and with an excellent atmosphere where locals and holidaymakers mix, a night out is definitely recommended. Also, since the Campsite has a strict policy of “no noise after 10pm”, this is an excellent choice for people who wish to party late in the evening.


February 23 – 26 / Ted Fest

An irreverent celebration of the cult TV series “Father Ted”. Not for the faint hearted, this weekend festival held in February is a non-stop, off-the-wall carousel featuring such highlights as the Lovely Girl competition, the Virtual Confession Box and Nuns v Priests Beach Volleyball.

March 17 / St Patrick’s Day Parade

Described as being one of the “most Irish things you will ever see”, The Aran Islands St Patricks Day Parade is a date not to be missed. Here is an interesting Article on the Festival


April 22 / Aer Arann Half Marathon

1/2 Marathon in aid of Temple St

May 06 / Darkness into Light 5k

Walk in aid of Pieta House charity

May 5 & May 6 / Vintage Car Rally

Classic Cars drive around the Island

May 13 / One Wall on the Rock

National Handball Competition

June 23 – June 25 / Red Bull Cliff Diving

This spectacular event takes place at the cliffs on the southwestern face of the island. A breathtaking drop of over 27m to a natural rock pool lashed by hugh waves for most of the year is what is expected of the divers. Part of the world tour cliff diving series, the Red Bull weekend is truly when the circus comes to town.

June 28 / Sea Fest

Ireland’s national Maritime Festival

June 29 – July 2 / Pátrún Inis Mór Festival

Pátrún is a three-day festival consisting of sports, currach and Galway Hooker boat racing, tug-of-war, art and sandcastle competitions, Triathlon, traditional Irish Music on the Pier with dancing. This is the big local festival of Inis Mór and has been celebrated for centuries.


July 03 – July 14 / Ranganna Snámha / Irish Water Safety swimming classes

July 5 – July 8 / WIORA Inis Mór, Árann / Wiora sailing festival coming to Inis Mór

July 31 – August 11 / Club Seoltóireachta Árann / Sailing Camp for adults and children

July 17– July 21 / Cúl Camp / Football Camp for kids

August 23 – 27 / Féile na bnFlaitheartach / Writers weekend

October 31 / Féile na bPúcaí / Halloween Festival


Inis Mór has always held on to the idea of what Halloween really is, a night of scares and spirits.

There has always been a major emphasis on anonymity , because the island’s population is under eight hundred, it is the perfect opportunity to dress as scarily as possible and in as much of a disguise as possible. Staying in disguise is taken more seriously than attending Sunday mass, the locals will take drastic and dramatic measures to keep up the facade.

Islanders will order drinks they would never usually order, to ensure no hints are given away as to who they are, those who never consumed alcohol before will order vodka or whiskey to keep others guessing.

The pucaí will point at a drink or write it down to avoid someone recognizing their voices, straws will be used so no masks are lifted and no face makeup is ruined and even gloves are worn in case your neighbor recognizes your hands, this all means that the night is spent trying to figure out who the zombie fisherman with the pint of Guinness is or who the sean-chailleach dancing on the table is.

Because so many of the islands younger adult population goes on to third-level education, while the traditions remain, the crowd has been lacking in recent years.

This will be a weekend long celebration, kicking off on Friday evening.


Inis Mor Island is conveniently located in the center of The Wild Atlantic Way. It is accessible from both Doolin (The Cliffs of Moher) and Rossaveal (Galway / Connemara).

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Inis Mor, the largest of the three Aran islands at the mouth of Galway Bay
on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Inis Mor is an outstandingly beautiful island,
a world heritage site renowned for its stunning landscape and cultural heritage.

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